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For Adolescents

Therapy with Teens

Georgia provides specialized, effective therapy for adolescents. She knows how to “speak their language” and translate communication between parents and teens. ​Her approach to adolescents works successfully with a range of issues from strengthening self-esteem to addressing substance abuse, eating disorders and self-harm.

Georgia’s therapy with teens draws on the evidence-based approach Motivational Enhancement. As the name suggests, the interventions focus on eliciting the teenager’s own motivation for healthy changes (rather than relying on the motivation of the parents or therapist). Research shows that strengthening a teenager's own motivation creates longer-lasting, more positive changes. Georgia credits her sense of humor and youthful spirit for her exceptional success with teens.

Skype Sessions Available
  • Ideal for active teens with busy schedules

  • Total flexibility; you set the time and place

Skype - Transition to College
  • Get support before you go

  • Bring your therapist when
    you leave

Transitioning to College

Georgia works with many high schoolers for the successful “launch” to college. During high school, therapy supports teens in handling the pressure of the college application process, as well as gaining the skills they need to succeed at college.


Then once they go away to school, teens have the option to continue therapy sessions over Skype whenever needed. Many teens find that in the midst of so many changes, they benefit from one emotional resource staying the same.


Parents also appreciate this resource so they can relax and know that their teenager is getting the guidance and support they need during this particularly challenging time.

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